I, Mitchell Augustus Walker, born June 20, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, can say I have a happy and healthy life with the world as my mentor every day.
New York City was my first step onto life’s training field. Ten years of living in the city was an experience that prepared me for the world to come.
In sharp contrast, I also experienced the country life of upstate New York in my youth so I can truly say I enjoyed the best of both worlds.

In 1966, I traveled to Europe visiting Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. After several more trips to Europe, I settled in Denmark and then Netherlands in 1970. During this time, I also visited England, Italy and France. The experiences from these diverse cultures gave me an education and better understanding of people abroad and at home. I also want to give credit to the United States Marine Corps. The Corps kept me grounded and offered advantages that lead to my subsequent artistic development and my love of independent travel overseas.

I distinctly remember my move to San Diego, CA. on September 9, 1971, shortly after my return from living in Europe for several months. This was the beginning of a whole new adventure that I could never have imagined. Living in San Diego has truly enhanced my life and furthered my creative abilities.
My introduction to the Didgeridoo began after hearing the Tony O’ Connor New Age CD collection in Melbourne Australia in 1985 and the soundtrack in the 1986 film “Crocodile Dundee.”
My knowledge of the Didgeridoo developed thanks to my musician friend Larry Cammarata of the band “Didginus.” Larry gave me a 30-minute lesson for my 50th surprise birthday party in San Diego (1995). I learned the circular breathing technique fully in two weeks. What a great feeling!
n the same year, I met and performed briefly with Robert Anthony Aviles of “Insight”. My expertise with the Didgeridoo has increased considerably over time playing for as much as 3 hours straight at the World Science Convention in Santa Ana in the early 90’s.

I continue to enjoy performing at special events, schools, publicly, here at home and overseas and whenever the opportunity presents itself. There’s always more to come and I can’t wait for the next performance!

In the 21st Century my curiosity about the world continues and I find myself embarking on new adventures. The joys of Europe are still within my soul but I feel myself reaching out to new lands and people.
During my childhood years, I always wanted to take a peek into those far away forbidden places. To date the ultimate of my travels has been achieved with my visit to Russia in Sept-Oct 2005. But that could change with many more wonderful adventures to come both domestic and foreign. And then there’s that big step into the universe and whatever that might bring.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who cross my path everyday with guidance and good intentions.
Despite our worldly frailties, it is you who make me what I am today… content, healthy and wanting to remember it all in the next life…May it continue.