Hello everyone and thank you for your
continued interest in the sound of the beautiful Didgeridoo;
ancient instrument of the Australian Aborigines.

I have returned to San Diego’s Balboa Park, by the Bea Evenson fountain,
on weekends from about 12:00 to 15:30 (12- 3:30 PM) weather permitting!

Hear the amazing Didjeridu playing of Mitchell A. Walker.
His creative aproach to this ancient instrument combines synthesizers, vocals, and rhythmic instruments for a sound is almost uncategorizable, and very enjoyable.

Available NOW on iTunes – Delta Didjetellus.

Far beyond Earth’s fair skies lie the other planets of our Solar System.

In his latest release Mitchell A. Walker explores them all.

From the burning Sun to the frozen Oort cloud and beyond, journey with the voice, keyboards and didjeridu of Delta Didjetellus in 11 long form soundscapes.

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