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The Stellarium

This is the Stellarium of IMAW.
It depicts the location, spectral classification, and presence of exoplanets for all stars within 50 Light Years of our Solar System

Designed and built entirely by Mitchell A. Walker, it is the second version of this incredible visualization of our stellar neighborhood.
It will be displayed in a public science venue when it is completed.
Illuminated by ultraviolet light, each star is colored according to it's place in the Morgan Kenan system.
Wikipedia article of stellar classification.


At last, the Great Stellarium 30 inch square 3D star map Project will have its first public debut at Balboa Parks “Stars in the Park” on May 1st in the evening depending on weather conditions.
If the sky is completely overcast that day, I will not have the first public presentation.
Come and see the stellar neighborhood at its proper location of 50 light years radius @ 3 inches to 10 light years in physical 3D lite up in black light.
Pray for a good night sky that day.

Welcome to the neighborhood!